Multimedia with Telestrator


When the witness makes use of x-rays, medical illustrations or any exhibit that requires the Video Court Reporter to anticipate direction and make precise camera movements, this can often lead to unsure and eratic motion. The jury's attention should be focused.
ScribeIT now offers live video switching to our clients. Using multi-camera and multi-input split screen and picture-in-picture we make
the witness, the evidence and the jury interactive.
PDF files, documents, photos, medical illustrations, charts, videos, a YouTube URL or website address are just some of the media already in your laptop or tablet. These are integrated live and in real time during the deposition directly from your device’s output. By giving the witness the ability to draw directly onto the touchscreen with Telestrator, documents can be highlighted. X-rays, photos or any exhibit can be marked with arrows, circles, lines, X's or freehand markings in a variety of colors, just like the coach when he explains the play. These markups and exhibits are then preserved on the video record and can be printed. Digital technology turns an ordinary video deposition into an effective jury presentation.