For one appearance fee you can order the transcript by the page and the video by the hour. If you order neither, you are invoiced only for the appearance. Your deposition is digitally archived forever and you may order at any time.


A ScribeIT Video Court Reporter digitally records your deposition in High Definition.

  • Single Camera
  • Multimedia with Telestrator

Audio to Transcript Perfected

When the Video is ordered we convert the digital recording to text. Our audio to text conversions achieve 98% accuracy or better. Your free rough transcript synced to the video is all you need to locate and create clips for your presentation.

Verbatim Transcripts

Our verbatim transcripts achieve 100% accuracy. Our team of editors, typists and proofreaders provide verbatim transcripts, perfect in every detail. Synchronized free when you order the video and the verbatim transcript.




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